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To ensure that everyone feels confident during ski training, we offer a skiing training program with theses multiple stages to help improve your alpine ski techniques:

  • Initial
  • Primary
  • Sports Enhancement


The Initial Stage:


During the initial stage of training anyone can learn to ski and valuable techniques on how to improve skiing. You will learn all of the basics that “lay the foundation” for your skiing future like the ski carving technique. This is the most important stage and requires a lot of patience. After you complete this training you’ll be able to do the following skills.

Covered During the Initial Stage of Training:

  1. Control the “basic stance” and perform various exercises for front and rear position development
  2. Master two types of stops (“plow” and lateral slip)
  3. Learn how to rotation through the “plow” on a gentle and average slope
  4. Learn how to make turns while the skis are parallel
  5. Have fun descending the mountain in skis


Main Stage (Intermediate and Advanced level):

When learning the main stage of training, you must already know the above skills. This can either be from us or independently. Our experienced trainers will review your skills, and place you in the appropriate tier group. We describe this as the “learning to grow” stage, and while learning to ski during this main stage you will learn how to ski advanced mountains. You will also learn techniques beneficial to slalom snow skiing. Through skiing in various test environments of training runs each varying in degrees of difficulty. This stage of preparation is highly focused on technique. Workouts are built around a 50% free-riding and 50% testing of equipment while on the practice tracks to improve skiing and specifically alpine slalom skiing.

During the Main Stage of training you will learn:

  1. Ski Pole Techniques
  2. Basic rotation on parallel skiing
  3. Learn how to perform short and long “carving” turn
  4. Passage of the training route (meet a variety of trails)
  5. Skating on the slopes of varying difficulty
  6. Learn about the theory of transmission lines and try to practice
  7. Participate in competitions for fans (optional)
  8. Video analysis

Sports Enhancement Stage:

The professional stage of alpine ski training requires you to learn the most challenging techniques. We refer to this stage as “training for competition”. There are many hours that have to be dedicated to finish this training. This includes travelling to ski resorts all over the world. This stage is focused on improving all the skills that have been learned over time. The time that you will work on the track is increased to 70% of the total training time so that we can use the Reza technique of skiing in every situation and speed. There is less free descent and the athlete must have the necessary skills for sports travelling on all slopes in every condition.

Taught During Sports Enhancement Stage:

  1. Basic sport’s twists in the long and short arcs
  2. Passage race courses
  3. Technical and tactical training
  4. Improving basic rack
  5. Development of rhythm, balance and coordination in sport routes
  6. Video analysis

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